Ladylike Tip #4 – Shaking Hands

The queen shaking hands… Who better to learn from? (from

Tip #4: Shake hands like a lady.

Shaking hands is an art and skill. If the first impression is formed upon first sight, the second is formed with the first handshake.

There are so many ways to go horribly wrong when shaking hands…

  • Limp Spaghetti

This is when you offer no support at all, but, instead, offer a limp hand. Don’t ever do this! It gives the impression that you have never shaken anyone’s hand before, that you don’t want to be shaking hands now, and that you don’t care if he knows it. It’s awkward for the other person, and gives a bad idea of you.

  • Arm Wrestle Challenge

Don’t forget that you are a woman. If you go for his hand and grab it with the same force you would if you wanted to arm wrestle, you’ve done away with any femininity and decorum.

  • Water Pump

No need to pump the poor man’s arm off! Too much exaggerated up and down will be awkward for everyone.

  • Man to Man

This is where it gets tricky. A good handshake for men is not a good handshake for women. Don’t grab is whole hand, give a manly-firm grip and a hearty shake. Take a peak at how the queen does it in this picture.

As in all of these tips, simply remember to be graceful! Strong but gentle… Confident but graceful.


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