Ladylike Tip #2 – Walking

I found this perfect picture on Pinterest! The graceful Grace Kelly…

Tip # 2: Walk like a lady.

This is so important, and so ignored in general that it could be a whole series in and of itself. But, today I’ll just mention some basic pointers.

  • Posture

Stand up straight! Please! You have nothing to be ashamed of, so don’t walk like it. Slumping is unflattering, and says to those around you that you simply don’t care.

  • Graceful Moving

As a good starter, just try not to walk like a baseball player or farm hand. Even if you play softball or work on a farm, you can walk like a lady. This means avoiding giant steps, shoulder slumping, and that hands-in-your-pockets “swagger”.

  • Learn to walk in heels.

No really, I mean it. Try to maintain good posture and graceful walking. Even the most beautiful gown will look hideous if you can’t walk in the shoes (or at all!).

Note from personal experience: You may find it helpful to wear straight skirts for awhile. These force smaller steps, and prevent sitting like a man.


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