Let him hold the umbrella… 🙂

Manners and etiquette are subjects very near to my heart. I hope to post extensively about them in the near future, and continue doing so for some time. I’ve already touched on the general topic in the past, but there is so much more! I have a lot of learning to do.

One particular area in etiquette and “graceful living” that desperately needs revitalization is simply “being ladylike”. Just the concept is difficult to really grasp in our society.

Tip #1: Allow the man to be gentleman.

For example (in general), don’t open the door for him. Allow him to open it for you. Don’t offer him your seat or your coat. Offer, instead, your keys or (if he asks) your luggage.

Beautiful etiquette simultaneously requires and aids being ladylike. Being ladylike requires allowing gentlemen to be gentlemen.


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