…is a great excuse to host someone!

Our fellas have been working on a pet-project for some time, squeezing in a few hours of work here and there between cattle-handling and fence-building. But, finally, their creation was ready to be revealed and tested.

Behold, the smoker. A.K.A. one of the best excuses known to mankind to host a crowd.


With a freshly smoked turkey, what else can you do but have some friends over? A couple of text messages, and we were hosts!

But, really, your excuse could be as simple as a new recipe you found (on Pinterest, admit it!). May be you bought an interesting sounding gourmet cheese, or some exotic fruit. May be it’s strawberry season, and you’d like to share your strawberries and some whipped cream.

It doesn’t have to be planned out or complicated. Just go for it and have a good time!


2 thoughts on “Food…

  1. victoria says:

    Is that a cooker or a cannon? 🙂 You could have some great parties with something like that.


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