Musical Hospitality

Charlie, my left-handed fiddle.

Charlie, my left-handed fiddle.

Being a part of a bluegrass band has shown me just how fun music can be. Does it have to be performed on stage to be fun? Absolutely not! Some of the best music is never heard beyond backstage. Jamming (casually gathering in a group – often as complete strangers – and making music, regardless of skill level, familiarity to the songs, or the presence of sheet music) is one of my favorite aspects of this genre.

So, today I hosted a small jam session. I have the great honor to be the teacher of several aspiring fiddlers, and some of these were ready to dive into the fun of jamming.

Now, just how simple would it be to host a similar afternoon of fun? Here are the details:

Guest List
Select students (any musical friends would do…).

Email, text, or call… I didn’t even arrange today’s jamming until late morning. When you’re dealing with close friends and casual events, last minute is totally okay!

Include in the invitation, if necessary, a request for your friends to bring their instrument(s).

In my opinion, food is always a fabulous idea! 😉 But, it’s not always absolutely necessary. We got together at 3p.m., so there was no pressure to serve food, and we didn’t interfere with anyone’s supper plans.

Basically just have fun. Unpack your instruments, tune up, and start playing! If, like us, you have a family of introverts, it might be wise to invest in an extrovert. They can really help break the ice, and keep the party lively/enjoyable for everyone. 😀



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