Leaving Home

Mmm… Looks delicious. But will it in 2 weeks? (Photo found on Pinterest)

Family vacations are always a blast for us. But, as we walk out the door, there’s always that lingering question in the back of our minds… “What did we forget to do?”.

Here’s one quick, random tip. You have everyone’s bags packed, and it’s only a matter of hours before your journey begins. Now is the time to  take just a few minutes to go through your refrigerator and pantry.

Seriously? Yes. Look for those items that are already a little old, and throw them out. Look for the items that WILL be old in the next couple of days. Throw them out. If there’s anything that will go bad by the time you’re back home, but is still perfectly fresh, you might offer it to a neighbor (extra milk, eggs, cheese, etc.).

You might not like the idea of adding this to your last-minute to-do list, but you will thank yourself for it when you come home.


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