Afternoon Tea – and Hair Play!

My friend's super cute, naturally curly hair!

My friend’s super cute, naturally curly hair!

This week I had some of my favorite people over for some homemade chai tea, followed by “hair play”. It was a very casual get-together, and loads of fun!

We sipped our tea and chatted about some recent changes in our home decor (just like we ladies are apt to do, you know), while nibbling on savory spiced nuts and mini cheesecake bites. (Note: Both of these snacks were surplus from the wedding shower! All we had to do was remember to thaw the cheesecake bites, and make some chai tea. How easy is that?)

Then came the hair play. I set up a one-chair hair station with a mirror (that usually hangs in the foyer), several combs, hundreds (+/-) of bobby pins, hair ties, clips, combs, a spray bottle with water, etc. I used one of our bar-height folding chairs for easy reaching.

One by one, the girls (ages 10-ish through 13-ish) got their hair done – very unprofessionally – by me, while we all discussed hair styles/styling methods/ideas. What a fun, hilarious, sweet time!

Hair Play Stater Kit

Hair Play Stater Kit

I assembled “starter kits” for the girls to take home. Each of them included about 45 (?) bobby pins (blonde or brown, according to their own hair color), several small hair rubber bands, and several larger colorful ponytail holders.

I wish I had more pictures to share! We had such a good time. 🙂


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