Hospitality Time-Savers

Mini Cheesecake BitesHospitality is a beautiful thing. It’s not only an excellent way to get to know people better, it’s an opportunity to stretch yourself. With the bridal shower, we stretched ourselves in many ways. And it was fun! We learned how to make coffee filter flowers (and made a bunch!), we created our own invitations, and even came up with our own idea of a practical “theme” for the gifts at the shower.

But, there is no need to always hand-make every detail of your event. If you’re stressed out by the time the guest start arriving, you might consider simplifying next time. This time, we opted for buying the cheesecake. In fact, we found mini cheesecake bites that came in their own little papers (at Sam’s Club)!

Another time-saver was assembling a cheese and fruit plate. This required no cooking, and minimal cutting, so it came together in just a few minutes. Plus, it takes very little effort to make cheese and fruit look amazing!


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