Staging for the Party

Sticky Notes for StagingThe bridal shower has taken place, and everything went very nicely. Certain little things made all that last-minute set up run more smoothly.

Saturday night was the time to plate all the food that we could, and decide exactly where we wanted to place each dish. But, since nearly everything had to be put in the refrigerator until Sunday afternoon, I simply used sticky notes to mark their places. This meant that I didn’t have to try to remember the layout or – as may have easily happened – reinvent the layout in the last few minutes before guests began to arrive.



2 thoughts on “Staging for the Party

  1. victoria says:

    Great idea. We have 25 coming for dinner this Saturday, and we like to do as much ahead as possible. The sticky note idea will make things that much easier! Thanks for sharing it. Glad your shower went well.



  2. Jacqueline says:

    This is such a great idea! I’ve planned a number of events, but this little tip never occurred to me. THanks!

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