What to Wear: Business Formal

This one was a little trickier to find a good example of. There are lots of options out there for itsy-bitsy skirt suits, and a few nice-looking pant suits. But, it was difficult to find a picture of someone wearing a dress/skirt that landed below the knee, and still qualified as “business formal”.

Here are the qualifications (once again, based on Emily Post’s site):

  • Suit
  • business-style dress
  • dress with a jacket
  • stockings (optional in summer)
  • heels, low or high

I find the defining lines between women’s business casual and business formal to be a bit blurry. Perhaps I will better understand them in the future! But, I think for a more formal look, you can simply try to remember to “complete” your outfit by adding a tailored blazer, choosing a full suit, or opting for a tailored, business-like dress. Avoid wearing button down shirts without a blazer.

When in doubt, ask Emily Post, right? 🙂

Do y’all have any ideas for feminine, modest outfits that qualify as “business formal”?


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