An “All That Other Stuff” Bridal Tea

Progress continues to be made on the bridal tea prep. The invitations are sent out, the decorations have (for the most part) been made… So, today, instead of writing about our latest project, I am going to explain the style of this event.

My mother and I will be hosting what we’re calling a “Bridal Tea”. By this, we mean that it is a come-and-go event for the guests, and does not involve a strict agenda or full meal. We’ll provide finger foods and drinks, encourage mingling, and direct folks to the guest book (which I’ll talk more about later…) and gift table.

"All That Other Stuff" Invitation

Ideas for each category in the invitation

Now, what do we mean by “All That Other Stuff”? True, this may not exactly be traditional. But, since this young bride-to-be has already had a bridal shower in her current home state, we didn’t want to be redundant. Instead, we decided to focus on providing her with… well, all that other stuff.

We have 4 categories (kitchen, bed & bath, cleaning, office/junk drawer), as described in the invitations. Each guest will bring one small gift for each category, thus supplying the bride with all those miscellaneous items that her new home needs.

Traditional? May be not. Practical? Absolutely. Fun? I think this will be a blast.


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