Party Invitations

Party Invitations!
As mentioned in an earlier post, Mama and I have found (at Michael’s) the stationary we needed in order to create custom invitations. They cost about $1.00/8 cards (with envelopes). Here’s a picture of what we did with them on the first day. Aren’t they cute? Even completely blank, as displayed by the top card, they’re adorable. The bunting-look is so popular right now, and gave us some excellent design options to play with.

What did we do first?

Making balloons!

We wanted a bit of color. As cute as the white cards are, they still need a little life. So, I chose to create a balloon design on the inside of the card. Nothing says “Party!” like balloons. 🙂 For these, we used a circle punch on a variety of papers for some contrast (as shown in the second image). Add a glue stick to the mix, and we were well on our way to having cute, custom, homemade invitations!


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