Party Planning! Work Day.

Kids love to help!

Kids love to help!

With the majority of the shopping behind us, the “real” work has now begun. Invitations are being assembled, details are being ironed out, and the decorations will soon be ready to create. But, thankfully, Mama and I know we’re not alone in this.

Already, my baby brother (okay, so he’s eleven, but he’s still my baby brother…) has been a HUGE help in assembling the invitations. With just a teeny bit of instruction, he understood perfectly what needed to be done. We got lots of help (for which we are incredibly thankful!), and he got to pull a late-nighter with us. 🙂 So, if you have some eager, capable hands, ready and wanting to help you, use them! When it comes time to create all those decorations, we’re hoping to gather a few of our younger friends for a fun work day. They’ll have a blast, and we’ll have all the help we need!


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