Party Planning! Second Stop.

This is just a small sampling of why we like shopping at Michael's!

This is just a small sampling of why we like shopping at Michael’s!

Tuesday: Shopping day… Nashville Cash & Carry, Michael’s, Wal-Mart.

You’ve heard about Nashville Cash & Carry now, and everyone knows about Wal-Mart, so let’s talk about the other one…

Michael’s! What an amazing discovery! I went many years without really knowing what Michael’s had to offer. However, sometime in the past couple of years, we ended up there – and I’m so glad we did. 

In the front of the store, you’ll find a whole section of dollar items. These are not your ordinary dollar items! We’ve found some adorable stationary (now my favorite…) in the range of 8-10 envelope/card sets for a dollar. We’ve found packs of those super-fun striped straws in the range of 12-18 for a dollar. Notepads, recipe cards, ribbons, pencils, tags, stamps, etc., etc., etc… It’s all there. Which means that, for somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 dollars, we got more than enough blank cards to turn into our party invitations. (More to come on those!)

Plus, you can find affordable photo boxes, baskets, and all sorts of great stuff in the rest of the store. I highly recommend stopping in for awhile!


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