Lord’s Day Fellowship

There are so many fun finger foods ideas! Like these S’mores Cups from Texas Cottage…

One of the best ways to ease yourself in to hosting friends, as we’ve discovered, is to invite a family (or individuals) from your church to your home after the service.

In our church, this has become a beloved tradition. We gather for the service in the morning, enjoy a fellowship meal together, then host each other in our homes – often for the whole evening! It makes for a great day, low-key hospitality, and provides an unbeatable opportunity to become acquainted with the church family.

To make it even easier, you can ask your guests to bring something to contribute to the evening’s food. We often do finger-foods (like simple platters of cheese and fruit, for an easy example!). This past weekend, our family made kabobs (steak, chicken, red onions, bell peppers, fresh mushrooms, and pineapple – all grilled on skewers) and rice, and our friends brought some amazing coconut pudding for dessert. It was a wonderful meal, sweet fellowship, and stress free. Give it a try!


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