How to Serve Hot Drinks

You can find airpots at restaurant supply stores, or (like this one) on

Whether you’re sitting in the comfort of your own home, catering at an event venue, or gathered around a fire in the back yard, we’ve found that airpots are among the best options for serving hot drinks. They’re a good way to cut back on spills, and are easy to use. Plus, they’ll help keep your drinks good and hot.

For those of us who often choose something other than coffee, it is wise to keep separate airpots/pitchers/travel mugs/etc. (especially if they have plastic materials) for coffee. Once a coffee pitcher, always a coffee pitcher. In our family, everyone has their own travel mug. But, since my mother and I often drink hot tea instead of coffee, coffee is off-limits in our mugs. No one wants to drink green tea that tastes like yesterday’s coffee. Trust me. It’s not pleasant.

So, purchase a couple of decent airpots. Use one for coffee, and the other for “other” (tea, cider, etc.), and you’ll be well prepared for your next cold weather event.


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