An Evening Around the Fire

So, you have your necessities for S’Mores, you’ve invited some of your favorite people, and you have a nice fire already started. But, what do you need to think about when those favorite people arrive?

First off, if you’re in a rural area like we are, take parking into consideration. Make sure your guests have a decent place to park their vehicles where they won’t be in danger of getting stuck.

Once everyone’s parked and ready to join you at the fire, double-check for available chairs. And, if your guests brought their own chairs, offer to help set them out. Remember that, even in casual settings like this, you are the host. Put the guests’ needs, desires, comfort first.

It would be wise to stash a couple of blankets/throws nearby for those extra-chilly visitors. Having hot drinks available is also a fabulous way to add some much-needed warmth.

After these little details, all that remains is for you to enjoy an evening of fun around the fire. Sing those old tunes, tell those stories, and make the most amazing s’mores ever.


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