Tidy Pantry Tips

I found this image on Pinterest. How inspiring! So organized and neat.

Here are a couple of seemingly random, unnecessary tips that I believe make an astounding difference in the appearance of your pantry, or other such spaces.

Create Categories.

Think, perhaps, of the grocery store: Baking Isle; Canned Soups & Meats; Canned Beans & Veggies; Breads, Crackers, Cereals; Rice & Pasta; etc.

Single File!

Line canned goods, boxes, and bottles in neat rows. Stacking is fabulous, but keep it tidy.

Face all labels out.

Seriously. This one makes an incredible difference. I promise! And, it only takes a second longer when you come in with the groceries. It’s worth it.

Baskets & Bags

I love using baskets to corral certain categories in the pantry. However, baskets tend to be outrageously priced. So, when my brothers and I redid our pantry (a rather intense 2 days while our parents were out… A story for another time.), I opted for large brown paper bags in place of baskets. We had a good stash of them, and, with the unprinted side facing out, it really looks great! Carefully fold down the top of the bag (like rolling up your pant legs) a couple of times to create a finished look and sturdier bag.


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