The Master List

When my siblings and I were younger, our family would go on camping trips with a couple of other families – and even, a couple of times, camped all the way out to California and back! To us kids, it was about the best thing ever. To our parents, it was awesome… after we were completely packed, with the camper hooked up, shoes on, car seats buckled, and were driving down the road.

Finally, Mama made a master list of pretty much everything that needed to be packed. This saved her a lot of worrying and stressing over the items she might forget. I highly recommend following her example! Of course, the master list will change over time, but it is such a great tool.

Oh, and, since we have a stocked medicine bag, we don’t have to reinvent that wheel for every trip. We might add things like our daily vitamins, and such. But, it’s pretty much ready to go!



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