Christmas Tree 2013Christmas is upon us! Which means, for us, we’re working our way through our favorite Christmas movies, baking Christmas cookies and treats, and enjoying our Christmas tree. I have found that many families don’t really have Christmas traditions, but would, perhaps, like to start some. Here are some of the things that we look forward to every year:

  • We start listening to Christmas music in October.
  • Shortly after that, we begin watching Christmas movies. We always start with Charlie Brown Christmas.
  • Christmas cookies and treats: spritz cookies, wedding cookies, ting-a-lings, sausage balls, hot chocolate, mulled cider, fudge pie and peppermint ice cream, Aunt Lou’s homemade candy, boiled custard, chewy toffee almond bars, etc., etc., etc. (recipes to follow in future posts)
  • We put up a Christmas tree and decorate it, generally to the beat of Christmas music, while eating finger foods.
  • Once the tree is up and decorated, some or all of us kids (even now at 20 years old!) will sleep in the room with the tree at least once.
  • Mama chooses a Christmas ornament to make, and we spend an afternoon making ornaments that will be added to our ever-growing collection.
  • Once into December, we hang a quilted “Days Until Christmas” tree on the wall. We put a piece of candy in each little pocket, and take turns eating them until Christmas has arrived.
  • On Christmas morning, we eat a late breakfast of Old Folks Sausage, biscuits, and tomato gravy – generally with Mama’s parents and sister.

It’s a great and exciting time of year! Enjoy it to the fullest!


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