What to Wear

More often than not, in our circle of friends, our invitations to one another do not specify what to wear. When this is the case, we assume that the dress code is casual. However, if you define casual at home as sweats and flip flops, you would do well to consider dressing a little nicer. 🙂

We generally wear what we might refer to as “town clothes”.

  • The ladies wear casual skirts (without holes, stains, fraying seams/hems, etc.) and nice, coordinating tops… or just nice but casual dresses. Our hair is dealt with, and our shoes go with our outfits.
  • The gentlemen – including young boys – wear shirts with collars (Polos, button-down shirts), jeans without holes/noticeable staining, and belts.

Oddly enough, one of the main errors in this area – especially with the ladies – is overdressing. If you are going to a friend’s house for a casual, mid-week supper, the above dress code will probably work very well. You do not want to show up in your long black dress and pearls, and make your hostess feel underdressed in her denim skirt and simple blouse.

We will come back to this topic! More to come soon…



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