Games for the Kids

Set - A Game for All Ages!

  • Dominoes – stand the dominoes on end, create a pattern, and knock the first one over. Watch the entertaining domino-effect, and watch the kids’ faces!
  • Play Ball! If indoors, sit in the floor (or have the kids sit in the floor…) and roll the ball to one another. It’s amazing how long this can entertain a group of little ones.
  • Cards – They love to play cards like the grown-ups. Try doing a simple matching game with them! Hearts with hearts, spades with spades, and so forth.
  • Cards (a little harder) – For the children who know (or are learning) their numbers, do the matching game with numbers instead.
  • Cards (Still harder) – The great standard: Go Fish. This one works for young children, and is still loads of fun for adults!
  • Set – This is a great game for almost any age! It’s challenging to play, but easy to understand. We love this game and highly recommend it!

I’m sure you can think of many more games and activities! These are just a few basics that are good to keep in the back of your mind if you have children coming to visit.


One thought on “Games for the Kids

  1. southernlily99 says:

    Wow Claire! Thanks for all these ideas! I’m sure to use them. 😉 I, for one, would agree that the rolling a ball is a great way to keep little ones entertained and that Set is an awesome game for big or little peoples. :p


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