Table Manners for Kids

From the last post:

  • Always thank the cook/hostess – regardless of how much you like the food.
  • Never complain (including with facial expressions) about the food… or any other aspect of the hospitality… or anything at all. :)
  • Don’t be picky. Try every dish!
  • Ask politely to be excused when you are finished. If the answer is “No, not yet.”, continue sitting politely at the table.


  • Wash your hands (and face, if necessary) before coming to the table.
  • Don’t sing or whistle at the table (unless, of course, everyone is singing – as in the Doxology, etc.)
  • Don’t serve yourself more than you can eat.
  • No elbows (and certainly no other body parts) on the table.
  • Be ready and willing to be engaged in polite conversation with others at the table. Look them in the eyes (even the adults), speak clearly.
  • Don’t dominate the conversation, and maintain your “inside voice”… Don’t be obnoxious.
  • Be ready to take responsibility for your own dishes, and any mess you create.
  • When you need anything that is on the table, ask, “Please pass the _____.” Never forget the “please”.
  • Offer to help clear the table at the end of the meal. (Napkins for the small children, or other appropriate items)

This sounds like a lot to learn and remember. And, perhaps, it is at first. But, these are very basic lessons, and will definitely pay off.


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