What to Have on Hand: Mobile Hospitality

Another aspect of hospitality – and being willing, ready, and able to serve others – is “Mobile Hospitality”. This would include preparing meals for folks, taking encouraging pick-me-ups (cookies, treats, etc.), and so forth. A gift, be it consumable or other, can be one of the most encouraging tokens of love to an individual or family. It shows that you not only care enough to be thinking about them, but you even went so far as to prepare them something.

Generally, people need encouragement and/or support at unexpected times. Emergencies, deaths, illnesses are not scheduled. Which means, you need to be ready at a moment’s notice. Consider keeping some of the following on hand:

  • Foil Pans with Lids (8×8, 9×13 are both practical)
  • Blank Note Cards (for handwritten notes of encouragement, congratulations, etc.)
  • Address Book (Keep your friends’ and family’s contact information organized and easily accessible)
  • Plastic Bags (like Ziploc, or other brands. These are excellent for taking a batch of cookies to a neighbor, or containing the napkins and utensils for the casserole you’re taking them.)
  • Frozen Casseroles (Have some made and ready to go in foil pans! Don’t forget to include baking instructions. If no one ends up needing a meal that month, simply pop one in the oven for your own supper!)

Also, check out PerfectPotluck.com and TakeThemAMeal.com. They are incredibly helpful sites that allow you to set up a sign-up sheet for either potluck meals, or meals to be taken to someone. We use PerfectPotluck on a weekly basis!


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