Setting the Atmosphere

Atmosphere is an important and unavoidable aspect of hospitality. Your home will have an atmosphere to it, whether it’s good, bad, classy, stressful, tired, messy, cheerful, warm, or any other description. It is entirely unavoidable.

So, how do you set a good atmosphere? Consider what you want it to feel like for your guests. For us, as I have said many times before, hospitality is generally very casual. So, we might shoot for: Casual, Comfortable, Warm, Inviting, Relaxing, Family-Friendly, Cheerful.

  • Have the house tidy and clean, but keep it family-friendly by opting for fewer breakable knick-knacks at child-height, etc.
  • Music is a great addition. And now, it is easier than ever to have background music to suit your taste. There are several options for customized internet radio – iTunes radio, Grooveshark, Pandora, etc. We tend to use Pandora¬†most, at this point. We thoroughly enjoy the Beegie Adair radio, standard or holiday. This is a light jazz station (lots of piano) with no singing, so it is easy to listen to without being a distraction. It is perfect for setting our cheerful, relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere.
  • And last, but by no means least, be “in the mood”. A cheerful, at-ease hostess sets a cheerful, easy atmosphere – just by example. In my opinion, this is key to the success of an event.

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