Be Prepared to Enjoy Yourself

Thanksgiving is hard upon our heels. Our family from both sides shows up on Thursday, and we will sit down to that feast described in yesterday’s post. Every leaf will be added to the dining room table, and another table will be set up for the children. Every dining room chair will be filled, and probably the piano bench. Every dish on the table will be delectable – because I have that kind of awesome family.

It is easy to look at these facts and see “work, work, work”, become overwhelmed and stressed, and begin to dread what should be a wonderful day.If you feel yourself becoming stressed or overwhelmed, reconsider some of your decisions.

Centerpiece: Always a lovely addition to a festive table, but perhaps you shouldn’t go with the idea you found on Pinterest, since it’s made up of items that you don’t even have yet. The fewer shopping trips the better.

Farmhouse Centerpiece

For our old farmhouse, and casual family, simple decor fits perfectly. Right now, we have an Ikea tray on our table, holding three pumpkins that I believe we got from our neighbors – Beaverdam Creek Farm. I added a couple of turkey feathers, some pinecones, and acorns that we’ve collected over the years, and voila! A very simple, affordable centerpiece.

Table Settings: Again, for our casual, family-style meals, we nearly always go very simple. A dinner plate with a fork on the left (on the napkin), a knife on the right (blade facing in toward the plate), a spoon to the right of the knife, and a glass above the knife and spoon.

Serving the Food: We generally eat family-style. This means that all the dishes are on the table, and we either pass them (in general) to the right, or (if they’re too hot/heavy/awkward) whoever is closest to/most able to serve the dish serves it to everyone as they pass their plates.

These are so simple! If you know what to do ahead of time, this day can be a breeze, enabling even you – the hosting family – to thoroughly enjoy yourself.


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