Tackling the Menu – Delegating

It can be stressful trying to plan the perfect menu for a crowd. But, as with most things, it helps to break it down, look at the basics, and begin chipping away at the task bit-by-bit.

We always do a casual (but nice), family-style Thanksgiving meal. This year, we have delegated different parts of the meal to different people. Here’s (roughly) what’s on the menu:

Protein/Main/Meat: Turkey & Dressing, Gravy

Fruit/Veggie: Fruit Salad

Bread/Starch: Sweet Potato Casserole

Fruit/Veggie: Squash Casserole

Fruit/Veggie: Cranberry Sauce

Bread/Starch: Sweet Potato Casserole

Bread/Starch: Rolls

Dessert: Caramel Cream Pie, Chocolate Cream Pie, Cheesecake (Yes, we go overboard on Thanksgiving dessert… :))

Because of the delegating, we are only responsible for cooking the dishes that are bold. That’s right. ALL those dishes, and we only have to cook the turkey/dressing/gravy, and throw together some cranberry sauce.

We came up with the menu based on what we traditionally have every Thanksgiving, as well as what each of the cooks likes to prepare. When Aunt Lou comes, she likes to bring her rolls, caramel cream pie, and chocolate cream pie (and we like her to bring them… :)). So, we delegated those dishes to her. One grandmother loves to make a squash casserole, so that is her dish this year. The other grandmother will bring a fruit salad and the sweet potato casserole. And, rumor has it that our chef-uncle is bringing cheesecake! (Now would be an appropriate time for the Alleluia Chorus.)

Each cook has only a couple of dishes, and a grand feast will be the result.


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