Thanksgiving at Your Place – Thinking Through the Details

You have just received news from your mother (or mother-in-law, as the case may be) that you have the larger house this year. This, naturally, implies that you will be hosting the entire family for Thanksgiving. Suddenly, your holiday spirit has nearly disappeared. All those holiday traditions that you enjoyed as a child… and enjoyed all the way up until this year… now sound overwhelming. How can you host an army of hungry relations, maintain all of the traditions, and still enjoy the day? Or, even the whole weekend?

First things first: Don’t freak out.

After you have settled your nerves, face the facts one at a time, and head-on. Below are some very basic questions to get you started, with some sample answers.

How many people are actually coming? 21

Is anyone staying overnight? Yes

If yes, how many? 7

What meals will you be feeding your overnight guests? Supper Wednesday, Breakfast Thursday, Dinner Thursday, Supper Thursday, Breakfast Friday

What meals will you be feeding your Thanksgiving guests? Dinner Thursday, Supper Thursday

Where will your overnight guests be sleeping? The guest room and the girls’ room.

In the next post, I’ll give one of the best, most versatile breakfast menus. Hosting a crowd does not have to be stressful, or burdensome. Enjoy it!


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