Food Allergies, Restrictions, and the Like…

Okay, so this is a BIG topic. There are honestly so many areas in life that this issue affects, that I cannot hope to cover them all. So, for now, we will focus on how to handle it as a hostess. Later, we will address this from the guest’s perspective.

So, you received a response from Celeste – whom you just invited to supper next Friday. You asked about food restrictions, and this is the response you found:

“…Tim and I are currently eating gluten-free for various reasons. Aside from that, we also have a celiac child, one child with reactions to dairy (cow’s milk, at least), one going through the GAPS diet, and we never give the 4 youngest anything with red food coloring or MSG. I think that’s it…”

Yikes. Unless you’re accustomed to cooking gluten-free (even as strict as for celiac), dairy-free, MSG-free, and have any idea where they are on the GAPS diet… well, it poses a daunting task. Tomorrow, I’ll post some menu ideas that allow (or are easily adjusted) for several of these restrictions.

But, the following responses may be among the better options, depending on the situation:

  1. “…I would love to make a meal that everyone can enjoy. Do you have any recipes that you would recommend?…”  
  2. “…Could we, perhaps, split up the meal? I can make a main dish that should work for most everyone. Could you bring a couple of sides?…”

There are many ways to handle this situation. It really all depends on how casual the setting is, and how much you are willing/able to accommodate. Hopefully, in most cases, a family with food restrictions will be accustomed to dealing with them, even while visiting and eating out.


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