Guest Acquisition – Who, What, Where, When

Who? Someone very close to you. Family or close family friends would be great choices for getting started.

What? Supper would be a good starter, I think. There are lots of great menus that lend themselves to crowds, as well as to busy schedules, and such.

Where? Your place: Dining Room, Living Room, Kitchen – primarily.

When? Let’s set the scene. We’ll say you’re going for a specific day… Your husband’s work schedule has been a little crazy, involving later hours than usual. As the two of you discussed these plans for hospitality, he checked his schedule, and decided that next Friday, the 5th, would work best for him. But, he’ll be tired, and prefers a very casual, familiar setting. So, consider, perhaps, a 6p.m. arrival time and a 6:30p.m. supper time.

Great! Now, what else do we need to consider? In your invitation, it would be a great idea to address such things as children’s bedtimes and food allergies. You may already know these details about the family you’re inviting, but, if not, now would be the perfect time to find out.

Let’s use what we have, and compose an email (from Sally Smith to Celeste Jones). Note the bold words… They are specific details that are helpful in such an invitation:

To: S.Jones…


Subject: Supper Friday?

Hey, Sally!

I hope y’all’s week is going well. It was so nice talking to you Sunday afternoon.

Bill and I were hoping that y’all could join us for a casual supper on Friday the 5th. We’re thinking we’ll try to eat by 6:30, but y’all are welcome to show up earlier than that! And, we know the kids probably don’t need to stay out too late, so y’all just let us know when you need to head home. You know you’re welcome as late as you like!

Also, do y’all have any food allergies or restrictions? I haven’t settled on a menu yet, so feel free to let me know. I’ll do what I can to accommodate!

Have a great evening! I look forward to hearing from you.



There you have it! This could look completely different, based on circumstances, personalities, etc. For instance, the number of exclamation points drastically increases/decreases, depending on which of my friends is receiving the email. The same goes for the number of emoticons, etc. So, whatever fits your situation and style.

Happy inviting!


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