Don’t Stress – Start Simple!

So, since “given to hospitality” doesn’t require violins and candlelight, let’s begin with simpler hospitality.

Guests: I’d say, choose from your closest friends. Your family will do fine, too, as long as you remember to be the hostess! That’s what we’re practicing, here…

Event: Generally, in our family, we do supper. Eating is what we and our friends do best anyway. But, if preparing a meal sounds daunting, never fear! There are so many FUN and EASY ways to host friends. For example, you might try just gathering around:

– Dessert

– Appetizers/Finger Foods and Favorite Drinks

– Afternoon Tea/Coffee

– Cards, or other types of games

– Anything! Be creative.

The whole idea behind most hospitality is enjoying time with your guests, and doing all you can to give them an enjoyable time.

Now that you have innumerable amazing ideas floating around in your head, I’ll leave you to think on them for awhile. In the next post, we’ll talk about what comes next: Informal Invitations. We’ll talk about menus, decorations, and all that wonderful stuff after a bit. But, first, you have to acquire some guests.


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